Welcome to the Berlin Street Hockey!

Quite possibly the greatest league in all of sports, BSH is a fun and friendly hobby league bringing together great people from around the globe to play street hockey in Germany’s capital city of Berlin! Of course we’ve traded the ‘street’ for our beautiful stadium, but the vibe is the same. The origin story of BSH dates back to the refugee crisis in 2015 and the openness showed to newcomers to Germany remains the core value of BSH. Our goal today remains, above all, having fun together in an open and accepting environment, building a sense of community based on respect each other and a joy for sport.

Who can play street hockey?

Anybody! Our club consists of players from many countries and backgrounds, from all around the world. Some of our members have years of hockey experience, while others are absolute beginners. Anyone who joins will find a team. BSH provides shin guards, and full goalie equipment. Players are not required to bring extra equipment but we do recommend it.


When and where can I play street hockey?

BSH plays its home games at Poststadion (a literal stadium!) in the district of Moabit. (Lehrter Straße 59, 10557 Berlin). When we really get that hockey itch, we’ve also been know to play pick-up games in some pretty creative locations around the city!

Click here for the exact location of our Rollsportanlage at Poststadion, and check out the schedule for league games.