Almost every weekend of the year we’re playing hockey. If we’re not mid-season, then we’re in playoffs, and if we’re not in the playoffs, then we’re in our open practice mode where teams are formed on the spot.

Anyone, at any level, can join Berlin Street Hockey. New members will be drafted on to a new team. The yearly rate is €85 and the registration form can be downloaded here:

  • All players must practice fair play and consider each other’s safety at all times.
  • For league games, all players must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Players must wear proper footwear (running shoes) and use a hockey stick. Shin pads are provided from BSH. Any other hockey safety equipment is acceptable to be worn (helmets, knee pads, lower guard, etc.)
  • Goalies must wear full equipment including a cage helmet during play.
  • Players should arrive 30 minutes before game time, especially goalies.
  • 1 referee is on the field at all time ensuring fairness and continuous flow of the game.
  • 1 time and score keeper is standing outside the field.
Game Play

  • Play time is 45 minutes divided into three 15 minute periods. There will be a 5 minute pause between periods.
  • Each team will have 5 players plus a goalie on the floor. A goalie can be replaced by an extra player at any time.
  • An overtime period of 5 minutes will occur if the score is tied after regular time.
    • During the overtime period each team will have 3 players plus a goalie.
    • If the overtime finishes without a decision the game ends in a tie.
  • Periods begin with a face off procedure at center where the ref drops the ball in between two players.
  • After a goal is scored play is resumed at center with the face off procedure.
  • Player substitutions can be made during play and during stoppages.
Points system
  • A goal is awarded to a team when the ball is shot or deflected into the opposing team’s net. The player that directs the ball into the net is credited with the goal.
  • An assist is awarded to the player who last played the ball before the final player directed it into the net.
  • Wins award 3 points. Overtime wins award 2 points. Overtime losses award 1 points. Ties award 1 point to each team. Losses in regulation award 0 points.
  • Scores are monitored by both the ref and timekeeper
Game Breaks
  • If the ball is shot outside the playing area, the game continues from the nearest exit point.
    • If that point is directly behind the net, the ball starts from the corner.
    • The last team that touches the ball before it exits the rink is considered the offending team. Therefore, the ball will be awarded to the other team.
    • Play will resume when the ball is returned to play or a new ball is provided and the team with possession initiates play.
    • Opposing players must stand at least 2 meters from the ball.
  • The referee will stop play if the goalie smothers the ball
    • The referee may stop play if the ball is no longer visible near the goalie. This will be for safety purposes to protect the goalie.
Rules and penalties

Ball possession will be given to the opposite team if the following below occurs, with the position determined by the referee:

  • A slap shot is attempted. This is where the stick rises at or above the shooter’s shoulders before a shot. Half-slappers are allowed. The follow through should be controlled as well and the stick kept low.
  • A high stick (above the shoulders) is used to knock the ball out of the air.
  • A player stands on the ball to keep possession.
  • Excessive physical force is used to take possession of the ball from another player.

A penalty shot will be awarded if the following occurs:

  • A high stick makes contact with another player.
  • A player with the ball is tripped by another player.
  • Excessive physical force is used on a player in a scoring opportunity.

A penalty shot will be taken from center ice and the ball can be walked in. If the ball is drawn backwards at any point the referee will blow the play down. If the shot is missed possession returns to the opposite team of the shooter. Play does not continue onward immediately after the shot.